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Whenever any animal’s life is saved, that’s a great thing.  But I must admit that I’m partial to German shepherds.  (I blame my dog Jake for that, but that’s another story.)   This is why I’ve been particularly drawn to the story of Samson, a Czech shepherd we picked up at a partner shelter.

Samson enjoys snow!

Samson is from a long line of working dogs and was being trained for bomb detection work when a veterinarian discovered that he had a heart murmur. That got him evicted from the training program and propelled Samson’s life into a rapid downward spiral that led to the point where we found him–homeless and alone.

If you missed the story in our recent e-news, you can find it on our Web site here.

After we helped him over a few hurdles, Samson went to a Long Island home that we found him with gracious help from the DC Fire Department.  His new guardian, a former dog handler for the NYPD, just sent us this message:

Samson with his new sister

“Well, it’s been one week since Samson has been with us. He has acclimated well to his new home. He’s gone through a sleeve of tennis balls. He can’t get enough! He also seems to enjoy the snow very much… He has started eating regularly and had a great checkup at my vet, who is a HUGE German shepherd guy! He says Samson is a little underweight, but nonetheless an awesome dog. We couldn’t be happier!”

We couldn’t be any happier either.  It will always be a privilege to be involved in the rescue of animals, whether they are shepherds like Samson or beagles from a research lab.  Turning their lives around is the best kind of reward.