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Need Something to Celebrate?

November 7 – 13 is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.  You probably didn’t know that.  In fact, so few people are aware of this that it begs the question, Do we really need an animal shelter appreciation week?

Maybe and maybe not, but I do think that lots of people take us for granted, not realizing how dramatically animals shelters affect communities. 

 For many of us, life without animals is unimaginable.  They enrich our days and nights in countless ways; they are integral members of our families; and their presence in our homes and neighborhoods makes our communities happier places.  We feel indebted to them, and we feel that we have a solemn responsibility to see that the trust they place in us is not violated.

 Too often, however, that trust is violated as animals are abused, abandoned, neglected, and denied what they need for health and contentment.  Others live with people who have lost jobs or are on fixed incomes and are struggling to give their beloved companion the care they need and deserve.  The League exists for all of these animals.  And since we do our job well, people might not even know we are here, constantly offering refuge, care and fresh starts to animals who need it most.

 Last year, among other things the League:

  • found new homes for 1407 homeless animals;
  •  provided affordable medical care to 4,449 animals belonging to low-income neighbors;
  •  saw 1,766 animals at our low-cost vaccination clinics;
  •  spayed or neutered 2,065 animals; and
  •  led humane education classes and field trips for more than 700 students.

The Washington Animal Rescue League saves lives, builds families, and makes our community a better place to live.  Perhaps that is reason enough to celebrate.

Follow this link to see what we are doing to observe National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week.  Then drop by and learn how can join us in helping the animals and people who need us.