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“We Didn’t Even Like Dogs…”

I could tell you about the benefits of our humane education program as I see them.  But really, it’s better if the children tell you themselves.

Fourth grader Kytel was pretty frank in relating that among his classmates animals—even dogs— didn’t always rate very highly.

“Not all students liked dogs before we started learning about them,” he wrote.  “Some kids were really afraid of dogs.  First, the humane education program came to teach us about caring for animals.  When they came, they brought dogs for us to visit with.” 

“A funny thing has happened to us, no one is afraid of dogs anymore.  As a matter of fact, many of us love dogs now.  We love dogs because they are always happy to see us no matter how tired they are.”

That, in essence, is how our program works: we introduce people and dogs who love each other to children who may have never seen a well cared for animal before. Some of the participating dogs know lots of tricks.  Some are working search and rescue dogs.  But some are, well, just dogs.

Either way, when children see how marvelous and rewarding a relationship with a dog can be, a whole new world opens for them.  And from then on, they will, we hope, be advocates for animals, speaking up for those who can’t.

Tonght we are having a reception at our shelter to introduce a challenge grant that Friendship Hospital for Animals is issuing. It will match dollar-for-dollar every gift made in support of the League’s humane education program before the end of the year, up to $25,000.

The hospital’s director, Dr. Peter Glassman, points out that “many children in our area have not had the chance to develop a compassion for animals. On the contrary, many have witnessed only the abuse and neglect of animals. Without helping them develop an understanding of animals and their own compassion, these patterns of abuse can be expected to continue. By supporting humane education, the staff of Friendship Hospital for Animals and I are not just making a charitable contribution; we’re investing in the community, helping it become a better place for both animals and people.”

All of us at the League would like to thank Dr. Glassman and Friendship Hospital for Animals for their generous support of our humane education program, which holds so much promise for bettering the lives of animals and people. If you would like to make your own contribution to the program, you can do so online through this link.

And thank you.