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What to get the dog or cat who has everything

In this season of holiday giving, most everyone is sure to remember family members when making a shopping list for presents. And since most of our households include companion animals, who we consider family members in the fullest sense of the term, it has become commonplace to buy holiday gifts for dogs and cats. What should you get them?

People with pets probably know exactly what their animals would like in terms of a present. Most animals are extremely good at conveying this sort of information to anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention.  So you already know what your dog’s favorite treats are and what toys your cat would appreciate most of all.  But I’d like to make a suggestion.

In my estimation, the one thing that every cat or dog wants more than any other gift, the one thing that they can never seem to get enough of, the one thing for which there is absolutely no substitute is your time.

Our attention is, to our pets, the most valuable gift of all.  Perhaps you can give them a bit more of that over the holidays and into the year to come. Take an extra walk with your dog, spend a few minutes tossing a toy for your cat.  The gratitude you’ll receive will be nearly amazing. 

All of our animals, whether recently acquired or lifelong friends, whether young and rambunctious or old and sedate, will relish a few more moments of our time and attention above anything else we might give them. That’s what makes them family.

Happy holidays to you and your families from your friends at the Washington Animal Rescue League!