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Meet Miss Molly and TrueLove!

Molly and Truelove 2

Molly and TrueLove enjoying their new home!

Molly and TrueLove are a pair of cats recently adopted at WARL.  They’ve found a wonderful forever home and couldn’t be happier!  Their family, the Reinhardt’s, report that they are both settled in and happily playing together! 







An Update from Rosecroft’s (now Arizona) new forever family!!

She is amazing and insanely smart!  She has already mastered all the commands our older dog took months to learn, including ringing the door bell when she needs to (or wants to!)  go out.  She tries to do everything the other dog does and they sleep and play together.  She was perfectly at home from the start.

rosecroft at home

Rosecroft is ready to play!

She is so much fun, has lots of energy, but is also a fantastic cuddler. We could not be happier. She is just INCREDIBLE! 

WARL did a fabulous job raising the litter from 3 weeks old to being well-adjusted puppies. Rosecroft was the last one to go at 5 months and we are so happy we picked her.  When she sleeps- man on man she sleeps *hard*.  And there is nothing she loves more in the world than sleeping with her Daddy, Mommy, or sister.  Also- she loves to sleep in the strangest positions.  She’s so bendy it’s like she has no bones!

rosecroft asleep with dad

Rosecroft enjoying her new home and family!

Oh yes- and she loves sticks… who ever invented “sticks” is totally her hero!  Today she tried to bring a 4 foot long stick into the house… as you can imagine it was pretty adorable.


Naphtali and Joshua


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