Cats Need More Friends Like Jesse Eisenberg

Everyone knows him now for playing the lead roll in The Social Network, but we at the League have long known Jesse Eisenberg as a devotee and rescuer of cats.  In fact, he made this pro bono public service announcement for the League back when he was filming his hit movie in Boston. [Click on photo to view PSA.]

Shelters everywhere are overwhelmed with cats, even more than with dogs.  In this area, there are about 3 homeless/abandoned cats for every dog in the same situation, yet cat adoptions from shelters frequently lag behind dog adoptions.  That makes Jesse Eisenberg’s contribution all the more valuable.

At the League, we are constantly trying new and innovative things—the public service announcement is one example—to find more good homes for cats.   These efforts were recently recognized by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government, which awarded us a 2009 Animal Service Award in the adoption category for the promotions, events, and re-design of the cat adoption room that led to 500 new homes for cats, an increase of 20 percent over the previous year.

What is it about cats—or really, about us—that puts felines in their supply/demand predicament?  My thoughts on that in a future blog.  But in the meantime, what do you think?

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